How do I save my Windows Movie Maker video as an AVI not WMV?


How to save your WMM video as an AVI to then compress and convert to send to a convention: 

1)   Make your video however you see fit

2)   When you are done follow these steps:

Goto File > Save Movie File  -  view image

Click My Computer then click next 

Choose the place you want to save the file to and it's name, click next 

Click on More Choices or Other Settings on the save type screen. 

Scroll through the options till you find DV-AVI (NTSC), select that  -  view image

Click next and an AVI file will be saved for you. This file can then be either sent out to a convention as is, or converted to the specifications described by the contest rules.

***NOTE*** The file that will be produced this way will be LARGE. We're talking 2+ gigs on average for a 3+ min video. Please keep this in mind when you export your video this way. This is not a web release file, however it it perfect to send into the convention to get the best quality.

PDF files require adobe acrobat reader to view. If you do not have acrobat reader you can get it here.