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Fan Art Theater Competition Rules - Adobe PDF - Word Doc


Contest Due Date - October 6th
    All entries must be in the hands of the contest coordinator by the end of this day Eastern time.
       Sail-mail Submissions will stop being accepted after Sept 29th, 2017.
       FTP Submissions will stop being accepted after Sept 29th, 2017. FTP server will be closed at 11:59pm on Sept 28th, 2017.
       Online Link Submissions will stop being accepted after Oct 6th, 2017.

AMV Contest Database Link
    The entry form can be found here:

Just how is judging and awards suppose to work this year? (What is the Dexter Rule?)
    You can read the full information here: The Dexter Rule

I have a non-HD video and plan to submit my video as mpeg-2. What specifications should I use to ensure best viewing quality?
    You may find these here.

How do I save my WMM video as an AVI?
    For step by step instructions so that you may submit to this contest, click here.

Adult Videos no longer have their own competition:
    This year we have officially removed the seperate adult competition in favor of allowing adult entries to be submitted and compete alongside the non-adult entries in the normal competition for standard judges awards. There will still be a seperate carded showing for hese entries at the convention and it will be decided during the judging sessions which entries will be moved to this showing. For more details on how this change is being handled please check the Adult Entry specific rules in the rules document and the judging info in the Dexter rule document.

Web Link Submission now available:
    This year we are officially accepting entry submissions via Web Link Uploads! You will submit your web link via the entry status page. FTP Submissions is no longer the prefered method of submission and it is no longer recommended to use FTP unless you are unable to utalize the web upload feature.

Contest Coordinator - ngsilver
    Contact the contest coordinator if you have any questions at: youmafatsubmit [AT]



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