2017 - Final
  2017 - Cut
  2017 - Awards

Entry Number contest Studio Entrant Video Title Song Video Link Awards Won
007 Exhibition   Studio Hawk WWJD? The Axis of Awesome - WWJD? Video Link Lag so bad I respawned in 3 days rather then 3 mins
008 Exhibition   MrNosec Numinous Modestep & Koven - Take It All Video Link We get it you vape
011 Exhibition   Phlashbak Klassik Television Various - Openings Video Link BSOD award
015 Exhibition   PaNTSU oF d00m Dio's Memestravaganza The Living Tombstone (Lazy Town) - We are Number One Remix   The Dont Let your Memes Be Dreams Award!
021 Exhibition   BasharOfTheAges A Multifaceted Romance Walk the Moon - Shut Up and Dance    
029 Exhibition Aquiline Studios Cyanna Behind the Wall Garry Schyman (feat Alicia Lemke) - Trip the Light Video Link  
031 Exhibition   PaNTSU oF d00m Only Human Christina Perri - Human    
032 Exhibition Toon Addict Productions Joseph Klemm Pete's Dragon Maid Sean Marshall and Charlie Callas - Boo Bop Bopbop Bop (I Love You, Too) Video Link Whuh Waw Waw Wah Award
033 Exhibition   PaNTSU oF d00m Psycho Melanie Martinez - Mad Hatter Video Link  
035 Exhibition Tsunderbird Studios shorisquared Diebuster: A Gainax Story Lucasfilm - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer Video Link  
036 Exhibition Tsunderbird Studios shorisquared Suk a Big Dik Nyanners - [Rap Cover] I Am Ur Leader Video Link  
037 Exhibition Tsunderbird Studios shorisquared Tsundere Love Story Cast of Galavant - Maybe You're Not the Worst Thing Ever Video Link The Greatest love story ever told
038 Exhibition Tsunderbird Studios shorisquared Tiny Tasties Rick and Morty - Lil' Bits Commercial Video Link  
039 Exhibition Tsunderbird Studios shorisquared La Vida Madoka Ricky Martin - Livin' la Vida Loca Video Link  
041 Exhibition Tsunderbird Studios shorisquared Assachusetts: A Wicked Good AMV Funhaus - MASSHOLES Video Link Detroit, its better then boston
042 Exhibition Tsunderbird Studios shorisquared Spiralwalker OverEnglishMan - You're Welcome Parody Video Link  
049 Exhibition   Kyci Make It Up Sam Tsui - Make It Up Video Link  
059 Exhibition   OnyxAMVs Defying Entropy Christopher Fitzgerald - March of the Witch Hunters    
060 Exhibition   drewaconclusion Maiming Something Beautiful NeedToBreathe - Something Beautiful    
061 Exhibition   drewaconclusion D'awwww Wagon Queen - You're My Best Friend Video Link I see what you did there
062 Exhibition   drewaconclusion Infectious Affections Soft Cell - Tainted Love Video Link I Aint Even Mad
063 Exhibition "It's a Trap!" Productions drewaconclusion SuperBat Z Shuki Levy - Main Title (Rock The Dragon) Video Link  
064 Exhibition   drewaconclusion Rising Thermometers Candy Stripe Nurses - Commercial Audio    
065 Exhibition   drewaconclusion Super Jiggy Bros Will Smith - Gettin' Jiggy Wit It Video Link  
067 Exhibition Maboroshi Studio Maboroshi Studio Yuri on Ice!!! The Honest Trailer Redband Dean Fujioka - - History Maker Instrumental   The Damn It Joe Award!
068 Exhibition Maboroshi Studio Maboroshi Studio Fight for Change J2 [feat. Tori Letzler] - We're Not Going to Take It    
070 Exhibition Maboroshi Studio Maboroshi Studio The Salt Bae Ultimate Grinder Service Yello - Oh Yeah Video Link  
071 Exhibition Maboroshi Studio Maboroshi Studio The Greatest Evil Hero Joey Scarbury - Believe it or Not Video Link  
072 Exhibition Maboroshi Studio Maboroshi Studio Heavy Metal Friends Leo Moracchiol - Friends Theme (Metal) Video Link  
073 Exhibition Maboroshi Studio Maboroshi Studio Come Sail Away J2 ยท Serena Foster - Come Sail Away Video Link  
074 Exhibition Studio le Croc Maboroshi Studio A Better Place Rachel Platten - Better Place Video Link  
075 Exhibition Studio le Croc Maboroshi Studio Letting Go Michael Giacchino - Letting Go Video Link  
076 Exhibition Maboroshi Studio Maboroshi Studio Top Gun - Macross Plus Edition New Mix / Trailer created by me - Top Gun Trailer    
077 Exhibition Maboroshi Studio Maboroshi Studio Saving the World Hans Zimmer - What Are You Going to Do When You Are Not Saving The World Video Link  
078 Exhibition Maboroshi Studio Maboroshi Studio You're The Best Joe Esposito - You're the Best Around Video Link  
079 Exhibition Rising Production AntaresHeart07 Anime MasterChef Psy - napal baji Video Link Come on down with me to flavor town
082 Exhibition   MadMegatax Golden Days Panic! At The Disco - Golden Days    
083 Exhibition   UnluckyArtist Hey Nonny Nonny David Hasselhoff - Hooked on a Feeling Video Link  
084 Exhibition   UnluckyArtist Epiphany Eurythmics Tasty Treats by UnluckyArtist - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) Video Link is that your phone or mine?
085 Exhibition   UnluckyArtist No Limits 2 Unlimited - No Limit Video Link  
087 Exhibition   UnluckyArtist Unsatisfied Sia - Satisfied Video Link  
088 Exhibition   Mysunsai Delusions of Grandeur Halsey - Gasoline Video Link  
091 Exhibition Re-Evolution Studios MycathatesyouAMV Money$hot Bruno Mars - 24K Magic   The Weirdest Boner Award
092 Exhibition Re-Evolution Studios MycathatesyouAMV Devoid Devoid - Wake Up    
093 Exhibition Re-Evolution Studios MycathatesyouAMV Deeznutz 2 The Qemists - Run You   Duke Nukems BALLS OF STEEL Award
094 Exhibition   EnQuatre Combat Harness NF - Can You Hold Me Video Link  
096 Exhibition Otaku Lounge Productions Rider4Z 32 Degree Symphony Coldplay & Beyonce - Hymn for the Weekend (Remix) Video Link  
097 Exhibition Otaku Lounge Productions Rider4Z Gloria Fortis Miles Sabaton - Resist and Bite Video Link  
098 Exhibition Otaku Lounge Productions Rider4Z City of Gold Elton John - El Dorado Video Link  
099 Exhibition Otaku Lounge Productions Rider4Z (The Right to) Bare Arms Sabaton - The Ballad of Bull Video Link The Gold Star Award
100 Exhibition Otaku Lounge Productions Rider4Z Modern Marvels Rascal Flatts - Me and My Gang Video Link  
101 Exhibition Tsunderbird Studios King Redeem Goop Troop Jaboody Dubs - Sticky Buddy   Best Adult Video
102 Exhibition Tsunderbird Studios King Redeem Stranger Impact 2 Netflix - Stranger Things 2 Trailer   The Netflix and Chill Award
103 Exhibition Tsunderbird Studios King Redeem Samurai Wil Cartoon Network - Samurai Jack Opening    
104 Exhibition Tsunderbird Studios King Redeem Dragon Maids PBS - Dragon Tales Opening   The Dragoon Award
106 Exhibition   Anime Mashup Muse-ic Vicetone - Nothing Stopping Me Video Link  
108 Exhibition Tsunderbird Studios shorisquared Playing Dead Royal Republic - People Say That I'm Over the Top    
110 Exhibition Honou Productions LantisEscudo Reveille Irving Berlin - Oh, How I Hate To Get Up In the Morning    
111 Exhibition 360 Degrees Fluorescent Cenit Blood Oath Kaleo - Way Down We Go Video Link Canada is Back! With a Vengeance!
112 Exhibition 360 Degrees Fluorescent Cenit Chimera Sia - Waving Goodbye Video Link Quentin Tarntino Award
119 Exhibition   MadMegatax thirsty Pepsi - Pepsi Commercial   Suck it polar bears!
121 Exhibition   AngelMaeVictory (or just A.M.V.) Falling Stars David Archuleta - Falling Stars Video Link  
122 Exhibition   MrShmucker Halharl Aihtikak Imagine Dragons - Friction Video Link Mikey Really Liked It
123 Exhibition   MrShmucker Phantom Feeling Portugal. The Man - Feel it Still Video Link CRAM IT INMATE
124 Exhibition PixelBlended Studios Pwcagal Kyuzoo Mike Diva - Kazoo Kid Trap (Original Mix)    
125 Exhibition   hamstar138 Timeless Aviici ft Aloe Blacc - Wake Me Up Video Link Right in the Nostalgia
127 Exhibition   hamstar138 That One Small Thing Sutton Foster & John Hickock - Small Umbrella In The Rain Video Link  
129 Exhibition   Dexter Linkin Park DBZ Linkin Park - In the End Video Link  
134 Exhibition   Kyci New Level! Nitro Fun - New Game!    
003 Staff Shawn0 Shawn0 Changes Mutemath - Changes    
024 Staff   Kirbygal Our Gospel Panic! At the Disco - This is Gospel    
080 Staff   Kirbygal Warriors Imagine Dragons - Warriors Video Link  
081 Staff Chaotic Bad Raptor ngsilver Vicissitude Kristine - The Danger Video Link Best Staff
118 Staff   Ctemiri Coraline AMV~ Hero Cash Cash (ft. Christina Perri) - Hero Video Link