2016 - Final
  2016 - Cut
  2016 - Awards

Entry Number contest Studio Entrant Video Title Song Video Link Awards Won
019 Exhibition   SliceofLife Sanctuary Kashiwa Daisuke - April #02 Video Link Do Androids Dream of Electic Dongers
026 Exhibition   Studio Hawk Gurren - An American Musical Hamilton (Lin-Manuel Miranda) - My Shot Video Link Row Row Shot The Power!
028 Exhibition   Erik Heckert Put Your Hands Up BRADIO - Flyers   The AMV Hero Award
038 Exhibition   Allaire Affinity Mammals - Move Slower Video Link I Have The Weirdest Boner Right Now
043 Staff Sailor Death Productions Sailor Death Suicidal Tendencies Body Count - Institutionalized   Best Staff
050 Exhibition Tsunderbird Studios shorisquared He lies MetLife Hong Kong - My dad\'s story: Dream for My Child Video Link Who's Your Daddy Award?
056 Exhibition Tsunderbird Studios shorisquared OVERWATCHMEN Legendary Pictures - Watchmen Trailer 2 Video Link The Dr. Manhattan's Junk Award
076 Exhibition   UnluckyArtist Screaming Artist Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Art Star   It's Not Different At all Is It Steve?!
079 Exhibition Maboroshi Studio Maboroshi Studio When Shit Happens NA - Poo Pourri Commercial   Corporate Shill Award
081 Exhibition Maboroshi Studio Maboroshi Studio Bullshit Meditation NA - NA   Nick Nolte
082 Exhibition Maboroshi Studio Maboroshi Studio FREEWATCH! NA - Baywatch Intro   Getting Wet 90s Style
084 Exhibition MomtoCutiePia MomToCutiePia Mr. Suave Megan Trainor - Me Too   Maybe He's Born With It
089 Exhibition   Nanashi Studios Ebb and Flow Muse - HyperChondriac Music   It's Rude to Poke your Girlfriend with your Bamboo Sword
091 Exhibition   hamstar138 Fast Forward One Direction - Story of My Life Video Link Beeing a Looper Doesn't Attract the Most Forward Thinking of People
092 Exhibition   hamstar138 Dangodere Random Encounters - Senpai Notice Me   I'm Watching You PEEEEE!
093 Exhibition   Kirbygal Gravity Falls: Land of Confusion Genesis - Land of Confusion Video Link The Free Willy Award
094 Exhibition Shin-Ei Gumi BasharOfTheAges Punitrration: Sloppy Seconds Various - Various   Fan's Choice Hentai Award
095 Exhibition Otaku Lounge Productions Rider4Z The Sound of Severus Disturbed - The Sound of Silence Video Link "always"
099 Exhibition Re-Evolution Studios MycathatesyouAMV Pilk Squad Lil Jon, Trick Daddy, Twista - Let\'s Go   Dicknuggets Out For Harambe Award
123 Exhibition Chaotic Bad Raptor Mr. Pilkington The Hilarious Misadventures of Fat Man and Little Boy Imagine Dragons - Radioactive   Actually Cancer
126 Exhibition PixelBlended Studios StarTrinity009 SUKI DA!!! Smash Mouth - I'm A Believer (Radio Edit) Video Link Shrek is Love. Shrek is Life.
131 Exhibition   Pikapwn Speed o\' Sound Sonic X Norman J Grossfield - Gotta Go Fast Video Link The Jonny Cage Nutcracker Award
132 Exhibition   Pikapwn A Legend\'s Way Frank Sinatra - My Way   The Grandest Toilet Award
134 Exhibition   MadMegatax Hunger of the Bear Alt-J - Hunger of the Pine Video Link The Just Right Award
138 Exhibition Iron Team Joskua Planetarian Warden My Chemical Romance - Plantery (GO!) Video Link The "OK" Award
141 Exhibition "It's a Trap!" Productions drewaconclusion Into The Lingerie Kraddy - Into The Labyrinth   Team Ninja Lifetime Achievement Award
142 Exhibition   Dexter Alone - A Short Story Hans Zimmer - A Dark Knight Video Link Genisys Is Skynet
144 Exhibition   Dexter Genesis Skyfall Adele - Skyfall Video Link Shaken Not Stired
147 Exhibition   Dexter Shades of Reality Snow Patrol - The Lightning Strike-Part 1: What If This Storm Ends? Video Link Best in Show
149 Exhibition "It's a Trap!" Productions drewaconclusion In Digestion Weird Al - Eat It Video Link The Food Porn Award
151 Exhibition "It's a Trap!" Productions drewaconclusion Slice Slice Revolution RevenG vs DE-SIRE - TSUGARU Video Link The Hope Award
158 Exhibition   King Redeem Just Do It! Enjoyker - Just Do it! (Auto-tuned)   God Damnit Meme-chan!
159 Exhibition   King Redeem Pixel Perfect TWRP ft. Ninja Sex Party - The Hit   It's Not Gay if The Balls Don't Touch
163 Exhibition Maboroshi Studio Maboroshi Studio Scott Sterling MVF Studio C - Best Volleyball Blocks Ever with Scott Sterling Video Link Obeese Homing Pigeons
168 Exhibition   BecauseImBored1 Try Hard Lyre Le Temps - Looking Like This Video Link David Caradine's Night Out
180 Exhibition   Warlike Cygnet The Gift of Seduction Bret Mckenzie - I\'ll get you want you want (Cockatoo in Malibu) Video Link The Pepper Bar Award
186 Exhibition PixelBlended Studios StarTrinity009 プロジェクトW (Project W) HOME MADE 家族 (Home Made Kazoku) - キミガイタカラ (Kimi ga Ita Kara) Video Link Notice Me Sentai