2015 - Final
  2015 - Cut
  2015 - Awards

Entry Number contest Studio Entrant Video Title Song Video Link Awards Won
025 Exhibition   LC_Lapen The Kerubim Swing Cab Canavaral - Swing What You Got (extended Cab Canavaral remix) Video Link David Caradine's Night Out
026 Exhibition   LC_Lapen Captain DandEo Michael Jackson - We are Here to Change the World Video Link Honey I stole your theater Award
027 Exhibition   LC_Lapen The Seven of Spades Jake Kaufman - Hyper Camelot (Guest Director Boss Battle) Video Link The Watery Tart Award
046 Exhibition r3act Team SesSions Celia Phantomhive The Fangirl Chronicle JViewz - Far Too Close (Pegboard Nerd Remix) Video Link Obcession Procession what's your dementia
047 Exhibition r3act Team SesSions Celia Phantomhive Volleybot Fitz and the Tantrums - The Walker Video Link 404 award not found
050 Exhibition Tsunderbird Studios shorisquared When They Cry Baby Isosine - Psychosocial Baby Video Link The AaahhAAHHAhhhhhh~! Award
057 Exhibition Re-Evolution Studios MycathatesyouAMV Parasyte: The Maximum Stupidity Maximum The Hormone - Chu chu lovely muni muni mura mura purin purin boron nurururerorero   I Have The Weirdest Boner Right Now
058 Exhibition Re-Evolution Studios MycathatesyouAMV Generation Selfie The Chainsmokers - #Selfie   10 outa 10, would anime again
059 Exhibition Re-Evolution Studios MycathatesyouAMV Crunktastic Cranksauce Family Force Five - Chainsaw   Korean War Zombie Des Car
073 Exhibition   BecauseImBored1 Common Commerce Lunchmoney Lewis - Bills Bills Bills Video Link story of my life
074 Exhibition   BecauseImBored1 Yusuke Uraghost Nickalodean - Danny Phantom Video Link What's in the Box ?!?
080 Exhibition   Maboroshi Studio Reform School Girls NA - Reform School Girls Trailer   The Apples to Apples Award
083 Exhibition   Maboroshi Studio True Survivor David Hasselhoff - True Survivor   The Shark Week Award
084 Exhibition   Maboroshi Studio A Righteous Cause Jack Trammell - Lust for Power   Mediocre
090 Exhibition MomtoCutiePia MomToCutiePia Take a Leap Sheppard - Geronimo Video Link Best in Show
091 Exhibition MomtoCutiePia MomToCutiePia Everybody Wants to Rule the World Lorde - Everybody Wants to Rule the World   The "SPOILERS!" Award
120 Exhibition Chaotic Bad Raptor Mr. Pilkington Contest Trolling 101 Marianas Trench - Pop 101 Video Link Adblock Plus Award
121 Exhibition Chaotic Bad Raptor Mr. Pilkington A Kiss Underneath the Radar Bryan Adams & Mindless Self Indulgence - \"(Everything I Do) I Do It For You\" & \"Evening Wear\" Video Link More like Shoudo's Bizzar Adventure
124 Exhibition 360 Degrees Fluorescent Cenit LANDKAMPF Rammstein - Mein Land Video Link Now that's Metal Award
125 Exhibition 360 Degrees Fluorescent Cenit All Limiters Off Hybrid - Be Here Now (Hybrid Radio Edit) Video Link So that's what happened to MIR
126 Exhibition   Mr. Fergus Hanging on the Edge of Tomorrow Crush 40 - Live and Learn Video Link One way ticket to midnight
132 Exhibition Shin-Ei Gumi BasharOfTheAges Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Groceries In A Dungeon? Mr.B The Gentleman Selector - Vegetables Video Link Hashtag vegan 4 lyfe
150 Exhibition "It's a Trap!" Productions drewaconclusion Lucky Duck The Chickeneers - Ho Hey   What the duck?!
151 Exhibition "It's a Trap!" Productions drewaconclusion Rainbow Stalin Saves The World Various - Various Video Link Russian Funk Overload
156 Exhibition Samurai Warriors Productions GloryQuestor The Absolution Flies On Fall Out Boy - Immortals   The Cristal Pepsi Award
164 Exhibition PixelBlended Studios Shin Just Funkin\' Dandy Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk Video Link Michele Phifer's Golden Finger Award
165 Exhibition PixelBlended Studios Shin Shafted Rooster Teeth - Shaft Shots a dick pic app   The "Me Gusta" Award
166 Exhibition PixelBlended Studios Shin Giggles n Jiggles Rodney Carrington - Show Them To Me Video Link ChiChi's Award for Jiggling Exelence
160 Staff Chaotic Bad Raptor ngsilver Drive Tommy - Higher & Further (feat. Perturbator)   Best Staff
154 Adult "It's a Trap!" Productions drewaconclusion Snow Blower Jimmy Durante - Frosty The Snowman   Best Adult