2014 - Final
  2014 - Cut
  2014 - Awards

Entry Number contest Studio Entrant Video Title Song Video Link Awards Won
006 Exhibition   macchinainterna Notfrozen Goo Goo Dolls - Notbroken Video Link  
007 Exhibition   macchinainterna Veneration Goo Goo Dolls - Real Video Link  
009 Exhibition   Kitathewhitewolf Titan Nexus Amaranthe - The Nexus Video Link  
011 Exhibition   Sanguine Nightmare The Ascent Of Man Muse - Uprising Video Link  
012 Exhibition Advent Lost Studios AdventLostKaichou Hey, Miss Spring Train - Hey, Soul Sister   Eye can't look away
015 Exhibition Mad World Productions Celia Phantomhive A Lullaby for the Lost Ashes Remain - Without You Video Link  
018 Exhibition   Knage Multi-Anime AMV - When Your Heart Stops Beating +44 - When Your Heart Stops Beating Video Link  
028 Exhibition   Jeremy Prutchick The Club Can\'t Handle Space Dandy Flo Rida ft. David Guetta - Club Can\'t Handle Me Video Link  
030 Exhibition   animemaster9009 Sailor Moon\'s Dream David Rolfe - This Dream Video Link  
031 Exhibition   animemaster9009 Sailor Moon Will Be a Hero Kirsten Price - We Will Be Heroes Video Link  
032 Exhibition   animemaster9009 Magical Girls Precure Mayu Kudo - Eien No Tomodachi Video Link  
033 Exhibition   Jeremy Prutchick Madara Uchiha - Be Prepared Jeremy Irons, Whoopi Goldberg, Cheech Marin & Jim Cummings - Be Prepared    
034 Exhibition   Jeremy Prutchick Teru Mikami - Divine Justice Gothic Storm - Good vs Evil    
035 Exhibition Dvl-Productions Dvl-Jigen Chaotic League Of Legends - Get Jixed    
036 Exhibition   Saber ROCK-mode LiSA - ROCK-mode    
040 Exhibition   Inorai This is War ~ FMAB 30 Seconds to Mars - This is War Video Link  
041 Exhibition   Inorai Mystery of You Red - Mystery of You Video Link  
042 Exhibition   Inorai Prelude AFI - Prelude 12/21 Video Link  
043 Exhibition   Inorai Still Worth Fighting For My Darkest Days - Still Worth Fighting For Video Link  
044 Exhibition   Inorai Viva la Vida Coldplay - Viva la Vida Video Link  
045 Exhibition   Inorai Won\'t Stop Coming Back Theory of a Deadman - Bitch Came Back Video Link  
055 Exhibition Team True Destiny Team True Destiny TTD\'s Inuyasha Abridged Episode 1 Team True Destiny - Various voice overs Video Link  
061 Exhibition   KushiiSmiles Fool the World Icon for Hire - Hope of Morning Video Link  
144 Exhibition Rising Production Yusuke Six Thunders Thousand Foot Krutch - Down Video Link  
142 Exhibition Rising Production [key]Scarlet Scarlet Rose 30 Seconds to Mars - Conquistador Video Link  
141 Exhibition Rising Production [key]Scarlet Fallen Sword maNga - Fly to stay alive Video Link  
074 Exhibition   MomToCutiePia Everything Has Changed Taylor Swift\'s ft Ed Sheeran - Everything Has Changed Video Link  
075 Exhibition   Solidfalcon Get Hyped Linked Horizon - Guren no Yumiya    
076 Exhibition   UnluckyArtist \"Dragons n Stuff\" Various - Various Video Link  
079 Exhibition   UnluckyArtist Drain Nirvana - Drain You Video Link  
080 Exhibition   UnluckyArtist The Kill La Kill AMV Mika Kobayashi - Before my body is dry Video Link  
081 Exhibition   UnluckyArtist Demon Sisters Tribyuuute TeddyLoid - Theme for Scanty & Kneesocks Video Link  
086 Exhibition   BladEra123 Dangerous Within Temptation - Dangerous Video Link  
087 Exhibition   BladEra123 Gorgeous Nightmare Escape the Fate - Gorgeous Nightmare Video Link  
088 Exhibition   BladEra123 A Demon\'s Fate Within Temptation - A Demon\'s Fate Video Link  
089 Exhibition   BladEra123 Paradise (What About Us?) Within Temptation - Paradise (What About Us?) Video Link  
090 Exhibition   BladEra123 Iron Within Temptation - Iron Video Link  
095 Exhibition   Ultimafangirl Fire Emblem Tellius: Dark Empire Remix X-Ray Dog - Dark Empire Remix Video Link  
105 Exhibition "It's a Trap!" Productions drewaconclusion Fancy Feast Gamma Fancy Feast - Commercial Audio Video Link Meow Mix Award for Professional Excellence
108 Exhibition   Anna-Jade It will Forever be her Choice David Shire - Night on Disco Mountain Video Link  
111 Exhibition LG Art Studios Lilly Greenscale When I\'m Gone 3 Doors Down - When I\'m Gone Video Link  
112 Exhibition Way of the Pride Competitionbros The Doc is Sin The Venetia Fair - Gullinkambi\'s Return   Bad Shroooms
119 Exhibition Way of the Pride Compbros Zero to Seven Miley Cyrus - 7 Things    
121 Exhibition Way of the Pride Compbros Instinct for Battle Drowning Pool - One Finger and a Fist    
122 Exhibition   Valcidious No More Words Hollywood Undead - Lion Video Link  
131 Exhibition   Obsidian Zero Anthem of the Survivors Les Miserables 1980 Original Broadway Cast - Empty Chairs at Empty Tables Video Link  
133 Exhibition   Obsidian Zero My Blood is Black Imagine Dragons - Monster Video Link  
138 Exhibition   Pikapwn The HeartBeats Resonance Flow - Red Hot Riot Video Link  
146 Exhibition Rising Production Yusuke Yoku One Ok Rock - Kasabuta Video Link  
147 Exhibition Rising Production Yusuke No Scared Reveille - Inside Out Video Link  
149 Exhibition Serious Business Studios GloryQuestor Yukikaze\'s Ascension Imagine Dragons - Radioactive    
150 Exhibition Serious Business Studios GloryQuestor Only So Far The Goo Goo Dolls - Iris    
162 Exhibition Samurai Warriors Productions Gene Starwind 21122 Don\'t Mess with Fairy Tail Thousand Foot Krutch - Courtesy Call Video Link  
163 Exhibition Samurai Warriors Productions Gene Starwind 21122 Battlefield Set - Ready - FIGHT! Trapt - Bring It    
166 Exhibition Samurai Warriors Productions Gene Starwind 21122 Hunters or the Hunted Crimson Orchid (lyrics by Bryan Carmella) - Decisions    
174 Exhibition   DistantMelodies Last Hope Celldweller - Shut em\' Down Video Link  
175 Exhibition Illuminated Studios DistantMelodies Afraid The Neighborhood - Afraid Video Link