2012 - Final
  2012 - Cut
  2012 - Awards

Entry Number contest Studio Entrant Video Title Song Video Link Awards Won
012 Exhibition   Asterus How Far We\'ve Come AMV Matchbox 20 - How Far We\'ve Come Video Link  
013 Exhibition   Asterus When I\'m Gone AMV Simple Plan - When I\'m Gone Video Link  
015 Exhibition   Asterus Magia [English Cover] AMV AmaLee - Magia [English Cover] Video Link  
016 Exhibition   Asterus Romeo and Cinderella [English] AMV Miku-tan - Romeo and Cinderella [English] Video Link  
023 Exhibition   Stephanie Kulmaczewski Asami, You Stupid Girl Framing Hanley - You Stupid Girl Video Link  
024 Exhibition   Stephanie Kulmaczewski Midna\'s Tourniquet Evanescence - Tourniquet Video Link  
025 Exhibition   Stephanie Kulmaczewski Promise of a Lifetime Kutless - Promise of a Lifetime Video Link  
027 Exhibition   Stephanie Kulmaczewski It\'s Jim\'s Life Bon Jovi - It\'s My Life Video Link  
028 Exhibition   Stephanie Kulmaczewski In The End Linkin Park - In The End    
029 Exhibition   Stephanie Kulmaczewski Falling The Civil Wars - Falling Video Link  
030 Exhibition   Stephanie Kulmaczewski Without the Mask Evanescence - Everybody\'s Fool Video Link  
031 Exhibition   Stephanie Kulmaczewski Korra is Extraterrestrial Alex Goot - E.T. (cover) Video Link  
032 Exhibition   Stephanie Kulmaczewski Hikaru is Breaking the Habit Linkin Park - Breaking the Habit    
036 Exhibition   RebornZombie All New Eva Doctor Horrible - Brand New Day Video Link  
053 Exhibition   Nicole Parker Sparkling Demons Twilight - Twilight Final Trailer Video Link  
054 Exhibition   Nicole Parker Accel Spider Spiderman TV Show - Spiderman Theme    
081 Exhibition Exiled Memories Studios Nelly A Journey Austin Wintory - Nascence    
082 Exhibition Rising Production diegao94 Downfall Red - The Outside Video Link  
085 Exhibition Rising Production [key]Scarlet .DiE DyE - Fantasy Video Link  
087 Exhibition Rising Production [key]Scarlet Revenge It\'s Alive - Back in to the Rain Video Link  
097 Exhibition Honou Productions LantisEscudo The Beautiful Game Jerry Goldsmith - Take Us Out    
102 Exhibition EBullientDesigns xDreww Sweet Beginning Two Door Cinema Club - What you Know Video Link  
104 Exhibition Rising Production Kyros Insanity RTPN - Unnamed Video Link  
105 Exhibition Rising Production Kyros Sol Levante Nightwish - Last of wilds Video Link  
106 Exhibition Rising Production Kyros Munky Cheez Papercut Massacre - Lose My Life Video Link  
108 Exhibition Rising Production Kyros Spiral The Glitch Mob feat. Swan - Between Two Points Video Link  
109 Exhibition Rising Production Kyros Lover of the Death Depeche Mode - Black Celebration Video Link Best... Horror...?
110 Exhibition Rising Production Kyros Bloodlust Marilyn Manson - Use Your Fists And Not Your Mouth Video Link  
111 Exhibition Otaku Lounge Productions RiderG To Honor Vucko Josh Groban - You Are Loved Video Link I Have The Weirdest Boner Right Now
114 Exhibition Otaku Lounge Productions RiderG The Red Letter Nightwish - Nemo Video Link  
117 Exhibition Shin-Ei Gumi BasharOfTheAges Madness Quota Ellegarden - Snake Fighting Video Link  
118 Exhibition AuN Studios AimoAio Enchanted Owl City - Enchanted    
119 Exhibition AuN Studios AimoAio The Contract AFI - Miss Murder    
121 Exhibition AuN Studios AimoAio Resonate Jason Walker - Echo    
126 Exhibition "It's a Trap!" Productions drewaconclusion Undead Obsessions Queens of the Stone Age - You Can\'t Quit Me Baby    
134 Exhibition Way of the Pride Compbros Moment of Perception John Reuben - Chapter One   Best in Show
135 Exhibition Way of the Pride Compbros She\'s The One Yellowcard - Gifts and Curses    
138 Exhibition   NeumanProductions Just Kill Me Baby! Parody of \"Call Me, Maybe\" Lyrics: Tyler Neuman ; Performed by: Sydney Poniewaz - Just Kill Me Baby! Video Link  
140 Exhibition "It's a Trap!" Productions drewaconclusion 7 Days Various - Various    
146 Exhibition Way of the Pride Compbros Garden of Innocence John D. Boswell - Garden of Your Mind    
148 Exhibition PixelBlended Studios StarTrinity009 Beyond the Slope Yiruma - River Flows In You Video Link  
150 Exhibition PixelBlended Studios StarTrinity009 Star-Crossed Lovers Jon McLaughlin - So Close Video Link  
155 Exhibition   Warlike Cygnet Fruit of the Sea Trey Parker - Gay Fish Video Link  
160 Exhibition   BecauseImBored1 The Front Lines Escape the Fate - This War Is Ours Video Link  
162 Exhibition PixelBlended Studios Shin Magic Eye Florence and The Machine - No Light, No Light    
163 Exhibition PixelBlended Studios Shin Troll of Hearts Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up    
165 Exhibition PixelBlended Studios Shin Infinite Darkness AWOLNation - Sail (Unlimited Gravity Remix)    
169 Exhibition   siny Overcoming Loneliness Safetysuit - What If Video Link  
170 Exhibition   siny Echo Jason Walker - Echo Video Link  
172 Exhibition   siny Slow Me Down Emmy Rossum - Slow Me Down Video Link  
173 Exhibition   siny Beside You Marianas Trench - Beside You Video Link  
181 Exhibition Way of the Pride Compbros No Consequences, No Rewards Maybeshewill - Co-Conspirators Video Link