2010 - Final
  2010 - Cut
  2010 - Awards

Entry Number category Studio Entrant Video Title Song Video Link Awards Won
023 Romance   jubjub2 Stupid Couple Rossini - Barber of Seville - Overture   Best Romance
032 Other Tech Crew Never Dies Productions AngelDragoon Level of Significance Placebo - Running Up That Hill   Staff Pick
047 Comedy   Ryan Cohee Twisted AMV Bob Rivers - PMS   Fan Favorite
049 Dance Way of the Pride Compbros Grace Fightstar - Tonight We Burn   Best of Show
060 Upbeat   Jamie Maurer Curtiss Explains it All Curtiss King featuring Audio Push - Clarissa Explains it All   Most Origional Concept
063 Comedy   Hofuzz Common Accident Dj Lubel & Scott Baio - Wrong Hole   Best Comedy
064 Action Way of the Pride Compbros War 30 Seconds to Mars - This is War   Best Action
094 Drama   Nya-chan Production One she - 1997   Best Drama
096 Upbeat Way of the Pride Compbros Music The Starting Line - Given the Chance   Best Dance/Upbeat