2009 - Final
  2009 - Cut
  2009 - Awards


    Please follow the links on the bar to the left in order to see each type of sorted list for the Youmacon categorys. They are sorted by year and type of entries.

  • Final is the finalists who competed at the convention.

  • Cut are the videos that passed Quality Check (not disqualified) but did not make it into the category.

  • Awards is all the videos that won an award from the category.

   By default these videos are sorted by category, but you may also sort them by entry number. Simply follow the link on the heading.

   If a link has been found for the video you will be able to follow it in order to download and/or view the video. It is however up to the entrant to submit their video online for distribution, we do not distribute the videos submitted to the category. If you know an online version of the video exists but you do not see it listed here please forward that link onto the site administrator at vat [AT] youmacon [DOT] com so that it may be added.