2011 - Final
  2011 - Cut
  2011 - Awards

Entry Number Category Studio Entrant Video Title Song Video Link Awards Won
46 Drama   pink haze Trial by Drowning Darren Hayes - A Conversation With God   Best Drama
100 Action CornDog VidVids Copycat_Revolver Super Punch Stab Shooter: Championship Edition Rip Slyme - Super Shooter   Best Action
30 Comedy   BasharOfTheAges Service Entrance In Rear Samwell - What What (In The Butt)   Best of Show
59 Comedy   Kosmit Gay Means Happy South Park: The Movie OST - I'm Super   Best Comedy
78 Dance/Upbeat   Vlad G Pohnert FLASH! Queen - Flash Gordon   Best Dance/Upbeat
28 Romance   Doomimus AMG in a Nutshell Matthew Broderick & Cady Huffman - That Face   Best Romance
47 Freestyle   Shin A Prelude to Dreams Imogen Heap (DJ XSaryux remix) - Hide and Seek   Best Freestyle
68 Hentai Way of the Pride Compbros It Ain't So Pretty After All System of a Down - Violent Pornography   Best Hentai